The Best Places to Buy a Domain Name

If you already got the ideal domain name for your website, it’s time to register it! 

The process is easy, but you have to pick a registrar company to do it. Which one to choose is the first decision to be taken.

How to pick a domain name registrar? Tips

  • Check carefully TLDs prices (.com, .org, .net, .de). TLDs have different costs among them, and registrars also charge them differently.
  • Verify the initial price but also renewals. 
  • Understand the prices and conditions in case you want to take your domain to a different company.
  • Most web hosting companies also register domains. If you have thought already about a specific hosting provider, take a look at its prices and plans. Sometimes if you host your website, the register goes for free, at least the first year.
  • Check what kind of support the registrar offers. 

Best Places to Buy a Domain Name

The following registrars are accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

It is a trustable company with 20 years in the business. It started as a domain name registrar. Later it became a web hosting provider too. 

You can pick between popular TLDs and more than 25 country code TLDs. Costs are a bit higher than average. For example, “.com” domain first year (registration) costs $9.99. Renewal price goes to $13.99 per year. “.net” initial price is $12.99. Its renewal, $15.99. TLD cost list is openly available for users.

There is 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.


Created in 2002, it’s a well-known domain registrar. It’s also a hosting provider.

Wide variety of TLDs. Average costs. TLD price list is openly shown. “.com” can be purchased by an initial price (registration first year) of $7.99 and its renewal, by $8.99 per year. “.net” initial price is $5.99, the renewal goes to $10.99.

Its search of domain name choices has extra tools like bulk and internationalized domain name (IDN), useful advanced options. You can get also results from auctions or domains that people no longer use. You can grab a domain used by someone and get it if it doesn’t get renewed. 

There’s grace deletion and free domain forwarding if you want to redirect users.

Support is available via chat, email, and phone. There’s an active forum with answers to common users’ questions. 


Founded in 2000, it is another reliable registrar that provides web hosting too.

It has a variety of TLDs to choose from. Competitive prices. The popular “.com” is rated at $8.88 the first year (registration) and $12.98 for renewal. “.net” is $10.98 for the first year and $14.98, the renewal.

Search for one or up to 50 domains every time. Results appear organized by new, popular, discounted, and international criteria. Get WHOIS for free.

Support is reachable through a live chat, and FAQ pages are at their disposal.


Created in 2008, it’s a younger and trustable registrar.

Many different choices of TLDs. “.com” costs $12.99 first year and $14.99, the renewal. “.net”, $15.49 registering price and $17.49, the renewal. Clear costs published. 

Search is easy thanks to its filters (different categories like food and drink, video and audio, businesses, etc.). WHOIS privacy is included for free, the time you stay with Hover.

There’s customer support via chat and email, but it’s not 24/7.


There are lots of registrar choices. Pick one with a positive reputation, and that can offer the best for your budget. 

It’s worthy of checking extras and special deals every registrar offers. 

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