4 great free DNS hosting providers

DNS hosting service is a must to have for a domain to exist. No matter the size and type of domain you are planning to build (a big e-shop or a blog), you need this infrastructure for the domain to be accessible to visitors.

Choosing a quality provider is essential because DNS hosting impacts other important factors. A good or bad service will boost or hinder the domain’s performance, uptime, security, and speed. And, of course, the experience of users while visiting it. 

Why get free DNS hosting?

When searching for a DNS hosting provider, you have the choice of paying for the service or getting it for free. Paid services include premium features and more possibilities. But currently, there are reliable and robust enough free services for hosting almost any type of domain. Some free DNS hosting providers offer you: Dynamic DNS, IPv4, and IPv6 support, one account multiple domains, support for a wide variety of DNS records, forward and reverse DNS zones support, customer support, etc.


ClouDNS provides both free and paid plans. Its free plan includes 4 Unicast DNS servers, 50 DNS records, 1 mail forward, web redirects, and 500 thousand DNS queries per month, a pretty good amount if you compare with competitors. It supports different DNS records types, not only the basics. Besides, you get Dynamic DNS that it’s a very convenient and time-saving solution. Clear statistics about DNS traffic and live-chat support with experts. A big advantage is whenever the free plan is not enough for you, there’s no need to migrate to another provider. You avoid the risks and complexity of a migration move by just scaling to a paid plan.


Namecheap has another attractive free DNS plan that everybody can use. All third-party domain owners could try it. It supplies web redirects, Dynamic DNS, good support for different DNS records (ALIAS, CNAME, NS, ALIAS, etc.), 24/7 customer support. This provider offers you a convenient advantage. You can use a Secondary DNS to have a reliable backup and to get redundancy! This is not a feature to ignore. The higher uptime for your domain, the better! Namecheap also provides free and paid plans. There’s room for your domain to grow!

Hurricane Electric Internet Services

Hurricane Electric Internet Services offers a free DNS hosting service. One highlight is strong connectivity due to a solid network integrated by more than 60 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide. Besides, it offers multiple domains per account, IPv4 and IPv6 support, different DNS records support (CNAME, CAA, dynamic TXT, ALIAS, HINFO, NAPTR, etc.), multiple reverse zone formats, and Dynamic DNS support. Furthermore, this provider is constantly adding to its service to support more technology and make your DNS domain’s possibilities wider. 


GeoScaling has nameservers in 3 countries, up to a million DNS requests monthly, support for most DNS records, Dynamic DNS support, the ability to upload and import BIND zone files. You can modify DNS records without reloading the page, low TTL (time-to-live) for faster propagation. A highlight is that this service can analyze the incoming traffic and redirect it considering the user’s location. This is a premium feature that not every free service offers.


Free DNS hosting service can be your choice! There are quality providers you can rely on to exist and live the online adventure. Analyze what you want to build to understand its needs fully. Perhaps you can give it a chance and enjoy its benefits!

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