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What does UDP mean?


UDP explained

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol, and it is a popular communications protocol that offers a high-speed solution. It is used for producing low-latency and loss tolerating connections between the different applications on the Internet.

User Datagram Protocol boosts the speed of the communication process by allowing the transfer of data before the receiver provides an agreement. For that reason, User Datagram Protocol is the preferred option for time-sensitive communications, such as Domain Name System (DNS) lookup, Voice over IP (VoIP), video or audio transmissions.

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What is TCP?

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a communication standard, one of the first internet protocols (TCP/IP). It is connection-oriented, for all kind of devices and applications to exchange messages through a particular network. 

Data is organized in a specific way by TCP to be transmitted between client and server. The purpose is to protect the data on their trip around the network from the sending to the delivery.

TCP is a very popular protocol in network communications. 

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