Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2012

Diary of a vintage mum – Feeding in public

One of my horrors of commuting is standing ( because whoever gets a seat ?) on the train next to the noisy eater of strong smelling burger. Normally a man, he munches and belches his way through this manufactured muck and leaving some down his front and the rubbish on the floor. Charming.

So believe me when I say I can understand people’s horror of feeding in public. At my school we were taught that eating in the street was practically a crime, and a sure sign of poor breeding!

But I don’t get the whole concern about breastfeeding in public. I have been a mother for 19 years and have helped at various drop in clinics, coffee mornings and the like.  In all this time I have never seen anything as gross as the yob slobbering burger.

Is it the thought of breast on display? I am sure that if you tried really hard, and went up really close up, and waited, you might get a millisecond glimpse of a nipple, but really, if you are that desperate go to the supermarket and look at the magazines on public display, it would be much easier. I have seen more breasts on show in skimpy outfits in the town centre on Saturday lunchtime. I don’t see anyone campaigning about covering these up.

I know it is healthier for mum and baby to breastfeed and saves the tax payers zillions on long term healthcare. The milks always on tap and always the right temperature, so baby doesn’t have to wait, so less likely to be crying in hunger, one thing less to bother others. It’s jammed full of good stuff for babys development. So explain to me what the problem is. Perhaps it is you that has the problem?


Claer Szurek, mother of three and owner of mocha-mama, the unique cafe shop in Kettering for expectant and new parents.

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