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It could all be over for Rainbows

A RAINBOWS group is threatened with closure unless a new leader can be found ready for next school year.

The 1st Mawsley Rainbows Unit has been busy celebrating the 25th anniversary of Rainbows this year, as well as holding special events to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

All these celebrations will culminate in a Princess Party in July, but the event could also mark the end of the unit, which will no longer exist if a new leader can’t be found.

Having been in existence for over four years, and with a thriving Brownies and Guides unit in the village ready for the girls to progress to, as they get older, the current leaders are hoping someone will step in to keep the group running.

If anyone feels they can run, or help run, the Mawsley Rainbows Unit, contact Kate Brown at kate.brown@talk21.com for more information.

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