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Gallery plan moves nearer

Permanent studio and gallery space is becoming a reality

Confidence is growing that Corby is just weeks away from getting its own permanent art gallery and studios.The old library above Queen’s Square has already been transformed in to an exhibition space for Corby artists and the hope is it will become a permanent facility.Talks are ongoing to finalise details that will see Northamptonshire County Council, which leases the building, hand it over to the newly established Corby Artists Network, CAN.The group’s spokesperson writer and musician Paula Boulton admitted it was exciting times for CAN and Corby’s artistic community.“This is a real opportunity for Corby people to come together and make it happen. Already more than 100 artists have come forward to show an interest and we want this to be an exciting space that works for people with different artistic needs,” she said.

“Their ideas and support are important and we want to hear from more people who can see what a difference it will make.”

The old library has been standing empty since the service transferred to the Cube in late 2010. The plans include a gallery and studios that will be rented out to artists.

Paula explained: “We are trying to make sure that we meet the needs of different people.

A lot of artists working in Corby are working class and were told to get a proper job first before trying to make a living from their art. They have day jobs like plumbers, nursing or are in the building trade and need to fit their artistic work around their day jobs.

“Working like this can make people very isolated and many are invisible, but the time has come in Corby to make a change. There are grants and support available for Corby projects but this very often goes to outsiders when there are clearly people eminently suited to do the work and who live in the borough. We hope this will change.”

The new gallery will run as a not-for-profit venture with funding coming through studio rental, which might be for a day or even an hour, and other events – exhibitions are already being planned with CAN open to other ideas for the space.

Paula and CAN’s working group are encouraging interested individuals to visit the gallery which is currently showcasing in Corby Open 2012 Show the work of 41 artists from across the borough.

The exhibition was due to close at the end of March but will now run until April 21. Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday between 11 and 4pm.

Paula said: “People will be able to see the work and share their ideas. It is important that we pull even more artists out of the woodwork and they tell us what is important.”

Paula can be contacted on email at positivepaula2@aol.com

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