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Tom is the master of creativity

Guitars in all shapes and sizes are artist’s trademark

THERE seems to be no stopping the creativity of Tom Bingham who, for the past decade, has been taking unusual and run-of-the-mill objects and transforming them into guitars.

While others may spend their leisure time watching sport or walking the dog, Tom who lives in Corby, is scouring car boot sales for inspiration.

His latest challenge is to transform the hubcap of a 1966 Ford Corsair but other challenges have been a chessboard, a wine box, an oil can and even a Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars trilogy.

Tom is justifiably proud of his work but declines all requests from potential clients.

“It takes about three months in my leisure time to make a guitar,” he said. “I do not sell them nor do I do commissions, though I am constantly getting requests. My creations appear on over 300 websites and a video that went up on YouTube, where I put tutorial videos for those wishing to have a go, got 14,000 hits in one week.”

Tom, is a keen supporter of Corby Arts Network, CAN, which is working to create a permanent gallery and studios for artists in the old library above Queen’s Square in the town centre.

An exhibition at the gallery later this year is expected to include Tom’s work called Homage to Bert Jansch in Vinyl.

Tom explained: “I have, along with many others worked in isolation, as there is nowhere for creatives to function in Corby. The only hope for the future is that someone funds Corby Arts Network and makes use of the embarrassment of talent in this town.”

To see the work of artists from across Corby visit the gallery open Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm.

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