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Amy Foster’s Amazon success is fact not fiction

A 14-YEAR-OLD has published her first book and is now notching up sales on Amazon.

Amy Foster who is in Year 9 at Brooke Weston in Corby took around six months to write Sounds of Change and Evolution – Almost Legal, a science fiction story detailing the adventures of college student Sara.

Amy submitted the book for publication with Amazon company createspace and they have now listed the title for sale at £5 with free delivery.

Amy has already written a second book in the series, Sickening Illness, and plans to release that in the next few months. She has already sold some copies of Almost Legal and earns royalties on each sale.

Amy said: “I read a lot of science fiction and my favourite author was Douglas Adams. I didn’t plan Almost Legal but just had a couple of ideas in my head and went with those. There were a couple of times when I had no inspiration and didn’t write for days or weeks and then would come back and write almost every day.

“I knew I had come to the end of the book because everything seemed to be tying up.”

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