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Excitement as gallery edges closer

Next stage is planned

ARTISTS from across Corby, who have come together to transform the town’s former library into an art gallery, are now planning their next move.

Fundraising is just one issue for the newly formed Corby Artists Network, CAN, which is celebrating the success of its first exhibition at the old library above Queen’s Square. A programme of workshops and exhibitions are another priority for the group which includes writer and musician Paula Boulton.

“We have a lot of things that now need sorting but it is an exciting time,” said Paula, who explained details were being finalised to enable Northamptonshire County Council, which leases the building, to hand it over to CAN.

“The first exhibition has enabled people to come forward and they have proved that there is a need for a space like this in Corby. Now we need to take the next steps.”

Corby-based Jim Lockhart, who at 85 was the oldest of the 41 artists to exhibit at the Corby Open 2012 Show, inspired Paula’s involvement. In tribute to Jim’s enthusiasm for the plan one of the gallery’s first solo exhibitions will showcase his work.

Paula said: “I am thrilled about how far we have come and the exhibition will be recognition that it is thanks to people like Jim who have made it happen.

“We hope that other artists and those who have already started to get involved will keep in touch.”

The intention is for the gallery to open as regularly as possible for workshops and, once money becomes available for some additional work, the newly refurbished studio spaces will generate rent. A session bringing together the artists who took part in the Open 2012 is also being planned in the near future.

Paula said: “So many people have already got involved and their ideas and support are important. We are trying to make sure that we meet the needs of different people.”

During the next few weeks the opening times will vary but there will be updated information in the window if the space is closed. Alternatively Paula can be contacted on positivepaula2@aol.com

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