Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2012

Going for Gold

I am just loving the Olympics, I don’t normally follow too closely, but this year I can be found sniffing with the best of them at the hard efforts of those athletes. Can you imagine how it feels?

All those years training, so easy to say, but the reality is so much more. Putting in long days, endless hours of training, often alone. The sacrifices these people make to their social lives and their family, Some putting a family on hold until their personal goal is reached. On top of that the discipline, only eating the right things, training the right way, and holding vices in moderation, if at all. These athletes have trained for years to get to the Games, and I am sure there are many more that we never see make it to the top class events, but slog endlessly to try and get there.
One could draw a parallel with motherhood? All those endless, endless hours of lost sleep, alone pacing the halls. Hours and hours invested in love, education, discipline, careful food control and health monitoring. Parents sacrifice their social life, personal goals, sometimes friends, holidays, careers, vices and money too. We have a goal in mind, a happy healthy child and an adult who can achieve the best they can. We never know if we will achieve our aim for maybe 20 years, but boy do we put in the hours.

When does a parents Gold come, when school finishes, when the offspring are secure at work, on their wedding day or the arrival of their babies? I’m not sure there is a day, but little showers of gold dust on many special moments.
So to all of those winning and representing Team GB, well done, we are all proud and thank you. To all you parents, the golds in the post! Keep up the good work.
Clare Szurek, mother to 3 and owner of mocha-mama, the cafe for expectant and new parents in Kettering.

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