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Please enjoy our Sudoku puzzle and print off


Competition: Bluebeards Revenge Starter Kit Winners

A massive congratulations to Alan Steadman, Ginger Prince, Jeremy Rance, George Orsmond, and John for their winning answers to the question: If you had to shave for a date, who would you be dating and where would it be?  ...


Competition: Win 1 of 5 Bluebeards Revenge Starter Kits

Win one of 5 BlueBeards Revenge Starter Kits. No longer gamble on a close shave. With stubble now incorporated as an essential part of our wardrobe Bluebeard have created a new Men’s grooming and skincare product range ca...


Extra Crossword No 1

Extra Crossword No 1 Answers will be printed in next week’s Kettering Extra   [tabs tab1="Cryptic Across" tab2="Cryptic Down" tab3="Quick Across" tab4="Quick Down"] [/tabs]


Play EXTRA Sudoku and win Logo – the UK’s number one best-selling family board game

We love our brands, and the logos that symbolise them. We’re even prepared to be walking adverts by wearing logos on our clothes, shoes and bags. Everyone in the family, young and old, can spot a Shell petrol station or a Bur...